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Model CD-200-6 Deflection Amplifier

The proprietary design of this deflection amplifier can replace many of the aging amplifiers manufactured by our current and past competitors. This amplifier can drive older beam penetration CRT displays in the calligraphic mode and modern high raster rate and calligraphic mode in modern projection displays.


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Citronix Deflection Amplifiers

16578 Nisenan Springs Lane,
Penn Valley, Ca. 95946

Phone: # 916 716 4828


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Flight Simulator

Citronix Inc. has been designing and building high speed magnetic deflection amplifiers for the Flight simulation industry for the past twenty years. For an even longer tine, its leading designer and founder, AI Pletz, has been involved in developing magnetic deflection amplifiers for military and commercial aviation CRT display systems. Citronix Deflection Amplifiers are currently installed in commercial and military flight simulators located throughout the world with anactual average impressive MTBF of over 60,000 hours. These deflection amplifiers have evolved from applications in calligraphic only operation on dual phosphor beam penetration CRT's to calligraphic and high frequency raster operation on modern three color CRT projection systems.



Current and voltage feedback for high speed and low drift.

Adaptable power supplies for raster and calligraphic mode for less power dissipation using efficient zero PFC power supplies.




Raster Mode:

CD-200-6RS ( Raster & Calligraphic )
+/- 9 Amps into a 25UH yoke at100 KHZ raster rate with 2US retrace time.

Calligraphic Mode:

CD-200-6 ( Calligraphic only)
+/- 9 Amps into a 25UH YOKE with MAX. Edge to edge slew time of 10US.